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About the Committee

UCLA’s Committee on Honorific Namings is charged with applying the guidance shared in the report on principles, criteria and processes for honorific namings, unnamings or memorials (PDF) developed by the Campus Honorary Naming Advisory Committee to lead two major functions:

  1. Reviewing Proposals to Remove Honorary Names from Buildings and Spaces

The committee will create a process to collect and review proposals for un-naming buildings and spaces in cases where the namesake’s words or actions may not align with campus values. This process will include soliciting comments on those proposals, applying guiding principles and making final recommendations to my office.

  1. Reviewing Proposals to Name Honorary Buildings and Spaces

Looking at the inventory of campus buildings and spaces that are available for honorific naming or memorialization — outside of those designated for philanthropic naming — the committee will create a process to take naming proposals from the greater campus community, solicit comments on those proposals, apply guiding principles and make final recommendations to my office.

Read Chancellor Block’s message to the community announcing the co-chairs, March 15, 2023

Committee Membership

Michael J. Beck, Vice Chancellor for Administration (Co-chair)

Teofilo F. Ruiz, Professor Emeritus (Co-chair)

Members to be announced.